# Prepare Fine-tuning on MoAI Platform

The MoAI Platform can be configured with various GPUs, yet it provides a consistent user experience through a unified interface (CLI). This uniform access allows all users to interact with the system in the same way, making it more efficient and intuitive.

The MoAI Platform supports Python-based programming, similar to typical AI training environments. This document focuses on setting up and using a conda virtual environment as the standard configuration for AI training.

# Setting up a Conda Environment

  1. To begin training, first create a conda environment:

    $ conda create --name <my-env> python=3.8

    Replace <my-env> with your desired environment name.

  2. Activate the conda environment:

    $ conda activate <my-env>
  3. The MoAI Platform supports various PyTorch versions, allowing you to choose the one that fits your needs.

    $ pip install torch==1.13.1+cu116.moreh24.5.0
  4. Use the moreh-smi command to check the version of the installed Moreh solution and the details of the MoAI Accelerator in use. The current MoAI Accelerator is 4xLarge.2048GB . For more information about the MoAI Accelerator, refer to the specifications.

    $ moreh-smi
    |                                                    Current Version: 24.5.0  Latest Version: 24.5.0  |
    |  Device  |        Name         |       Model      |  Memory Usage  |  Total Memory  |  Utilization  |
    |  * 0     |   MoAI Accelerator  |  4xLarge.2048GB  |  -             |  -             |  -            |